Normurodova Nozliya ZARILOVNA

Normurodova Nozliya ZARILOVNA 

  • Our department deals with problem of implementation of CEFR in our state education standard so here what responsibilities we have. Firstly, we deal with the monitoring some materials of appropriateness as a levels of CEFR. The next one we organized many workshops, conferences which building helps to understand to fill the gaps about CEFR term what exactly level we should have, because we have many sectors of education it can be primary, it can be lyceum, it can be higher education. So here we have many gaps it shows practical experience we have many work trips for many regions in our republic. So we have done many practical works with some teachers from school, lyceum, college and university as well. So, what else and of course here have some research works which is based on CEFR based correct elements which we are going to published, exactly here we will take an account intercultural competition because it is importantly we are going to apologues and it will be honest on Uzbek education standard. In addition to that I want to say that there are many works especially scientific works. We have many master students who are involved in that project because our work show that we should work with more afford because it requests.

Rustamova Muborak,

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