Davra suhbati

Uzbekistan State University of Word Languages


Teaching and learning foreign languages may be said to be of primary importance in our country. The President’s Decree 1875 is a good proof for this. The educational Institutions throughout the country are doing their best to ensure the rapid progress in the field. Within last three years much has been done to improve teaching, to provide better communicative competence of learners. But there’s no end to perfection. There’s still much to do to reach the tasks foreseen by the mentioned Decree of the President. They are as follows:
— There is a need to come back to pronunciation and grammar though it is well- known that they have been retired from language teaching
— It seems that there’s a gap between real everyday conversation and the language material taught at schools, secondary special educational institutions and at higher education We’ll have to reconsider the teaching materials included into the course-books,
— There is need to increase the academic hours allocated for teaching foreign languages at schools;
— We’ll have to create foreign language atmosphere at educational Institutions;
— Special attention must be given to teach foreign languages at preschool educational organizations which needs designing special course-books and training or retraining teachers for this purpose;
— There’s a need to reconsider National Curriculum taking into account the latest achievements worldwide in the field of upgrading teachers’ methodological knowledge and language skills.
— There’s urgent need to develop special graded aptitude tests for all the stages of education regarding learning foreign languages. Regular knowledge assessment will serve to clarify individual’s rate of progress in the field. Such tests will help the stakeholders to compare the ways of teaching, the quality of instructions, the conditions under which the language learners are taught and so on.
— We’ll have to intensify designing course books and dictionaries in the field of English for special purposes (ESP);
— Successful communication in foreign languages cannot be realized without good knowledge of cultural background of the participants. In designing teaching materials this aspect must be taken into account. Cultural pluralism will help us to further integration into the world community,
— New ways and means of motivating foreign language learners will have to be developed.
We shall have to take into account the fact that “Foreign language learning is no longer a luxury, in an international world. It is necessity, if a country is to exercise a role in world affairs”(2).
This is a challenge “It is seen as a criterion of responsible international citizenship It is a strength to be able to meet people from other countries on equal linguistic terms”(2). The promulgation of the abovementioned Decree was connected with this aim.


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