Zulfia Tohtaevna TOXTAHODJAEVA


— Talked about Tempus project and her teaching experience: “I’m a local coordinator of this project (Tempus. – edit.) project. The aim of this project is to modernize and internationalize teaching program for masters courses, not just modernize but modernize according requirements of distance learning application in the studies for masters degree students. This University is my second home from my first days of my studentship as I graduated with excellent diploma I was offered a job from this institute and I have been teaching almost 50 years in this University, My student work all the universities colleges an lyceums about the county and abroad as well and I’m very proud of it I wanted to an English teacher from 5th class because I fell in love with the sound of this language. When we teach we learn ourselves too and during my teaching I have learned many things which I couldn’t learn when I was a student.


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